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The Perfect Coffee Recipe

Kate Jennemann

It seems simple but for those of us who like our coffee with some sort of a combination of either cream and or sugar it can be difficult to marry your tastebuds with the most healthy option. I love coffee. I love making it at home, I love it at Starbucks, I love it at every independent hipster coffee shop. I even sort of love it from Dunkin’ Donuts or 7Eleven in a pinch or on a long road trip.

Now that I’ve painted a picture for you, you can probably imagine that my coffee preferences include some condiments that go beyond a simple black coffee. I love a dirty chai, a vanilla latte, and the list goes on. My search for healthy creamers and sweeteners has never panned out. Either the almond creamer had too many additives, sugars, or it didn't make to the coffee taste good. It was always off. Bulletproof coffee…ever heard of it? Its grass fed butter or ghee, added to your coffee to add creaminess, healthy fats, but quite frankly, it tastes like you are drinking butter. No thank you.

I started seeing a nutritionist to help me make some eating changes to cure some nagging health issues. Among other genius insights, she suggested my new go-to coffee add ins which give me both the creamy consistency of half-and-half and also the sweetness of sugar, all the while staying super healthy AND the benefits of the healthy fats just like the bulletproof coffee method!

  1. 1 tbsp COCONUT CREAM

  2. 1 tsp RAW HONEY


You can experiment with the amounts of coconut cream and honey for desired level of creaminess and sweetness. This recipe as listed is all under 100 calories and is the perfect way to start your day.