Garnish Finishing Salt

Chef Kate Jennemann welcomes you to her world of culinary inspired infused salts. Le Cordon Bleu graduate Kate Jennemann holds a Cuisine Diplôme (Diploma of French Cuisine) and certifications in L’Essentiels du Vin (Essentials of Wine) and Vins et Vignobles (Wines and Vineyards) from the elite culinary school in Paris, France.  After living and traveling through Europe and working various dinner party gigs in Paris, Kate returned to her native Tulsa, Oklahoma and continued working in fine dining restaurants and catering. Garnish was created after consulting with a fellow personal Chef and colleague about the challenges of properly seasoning food and achieving it with fresh, seasonal and quality ingredients. After nearly three years of making Garnish for her personal consumption the demand spread to family members, friends and then beyond. The Garnish Salt that you see today is based on Chef Kate’s original principals; the highest quality ingredients, organic, and seasonal. Kate currently resides in Los Angeles, California, along with her husband, Seth, and two adorable daughters, Lola and Charlie.